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Value is driven by assets and liabilities, income, management, location and all of the factors that make a business unique.

Value can exist in assets that don’t have a tangible nature, in different classes of equity and in different types of debt.

Understanding what drives value and where value exists is paramount in making informed decisions. Our services help to identify value in your business.


Financial Reporting
Tax Reporting
Transaction Support
We provide valuation services in connection with:

Mergers and Acquisitions
Shareholder Transactions
Gift and Estate Tax Valuation
Financial Reporting
Litigation Support
Financial Consulting
Our professionals come from large accounting firms and independent valuation firms of national repute. They each have a background in a specialist area, as well as a deep grounding in core valuation concepts. They are known for their thoughts on complex topics and support of the valuation industry in a variety of leadership roles.

We are supported by a technical accounting team with experience from the national offices of large accounting firms, who monitor changes in the accounting standards and regulations with valuation implications.

Valuation depends significantly on market conditions. Changes in valuation can occur because certain types of companies are in greater demand, or because some sectors are perceived to be more attractive by acquiring companies.

That said, the basic mechanics of valuation are straightforward. In financial terms, the value of any business is the present value of the future income stream the company will generate. The present value calculation factors in the ‘discount’ that someone would pay today for a stream of income in the future.

Times have changed and firm managers need to change with them or face falling returns. To know more about Business Valuations, contact us today at (209) 835-9655