Tax Preparation

Right accounting services needs right knowledge and skills!

Let Behnam Accounting Solutions, Inc take the hassle out of your accounting and bookkeeping.

Every month plan offers weekly bookkeeping service and a free cloud-based accounting software and QuickBooks on line with Behnam Accounting Solutions, Inc.

Trust our professional to keep your book year around!

Tax Preparation!

✅ Have an intimate understanding of the Tax activities on Clients business unit
✅ Assist clients with tax questions to the extent possible
✅ Where appropriate, refer questions to the IRS site
✅ Disseminate necessary information on new tax rules & Laws
✅ Monthly Profit and Loss statement
✅ Provide information to the clients about new Tax activities

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Our Monthly Features and services

Weekly Bookkeeping

We accurately record all your business transactions with a tax savings lens. ✅ Real-time data through digital account linking ✅ Weekly Reconciliation ✅ Setting up and maintaining your chart of accounts ✅ Deductions and savings always in mind

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Month-end financials on the 5th business day

✅ Monthly Profit and Loss statement ✅ Monthly Balance Sheet

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